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Granite is the most durable architectural building stone. This igneous rock is comprised mainly of quartz, graphite, mica and other minerals. The increasing popularity of this stone is a testament to its beauty, versatility and consistency. Used in a wide array of commercial and residential applications, granite is ideal for tile floors, walls and countertops. Under the normal circumstances of daily use, granite in the kitchen or bathroom will be virtually indestructible. Granite is quarried worldwide, with the most exotic colors coming from Brazil, India, Finland, North America, China and Southern Africa. New quarries are discovered each year further enhancing color choices and keeping prices in check.

Granite Samples

Leather Finished

Emerald green granite 4.jpg

Emerald green

Emerald Pearl granite .jpg

Emerald Pearl

Giallo Veneziano granite .jpg

Giallo Veneziano

Hawaii granite .jpg


Honed Absolute Black granite .jpg

Honed Absolute Black